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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sexually Inappropriate Fruit

Thanks to Copyranter, I just saw a spectacularly terrible ad courtesy of Y&R Mumbai. The product is Lotte Chocolate Caramel with Mango (which sounds gross in and of itself - I love all three of those things but I don't think they go together), and in it, the lecherous mango leers at his pregnant black maid - chocolate! Geddit? - complete with uniform and hanging laundry. Their spawn is, presumably, the candy in question. That I now want to purchase, after dealing with all kinds of antebellum flashbacks. Yes, I TOTALLY want to buy a candy that makes me think of rape! Sign me right up! Yum!

The maid looks weary, as though she's grown tired of Mango's sexual harassment and just goes along with it because she has no choice. Also, Mango's dog appears to be checking her out too, so she's getting ogled from all sides.

There is another such ad, this time for strawberry chocolate, and this one is worse - the strawberry is putting his clothes on after apparently raping the pregnant black Sleeping Beauty. The ad appears to be playing up the whole "knight saves damsel in distress" thing - the strawberry's clothes include a sword and tall boots, but THAT DOESN'T WORK IF THE PRINCE RAPES HER WHILE SHE IS UNCONSCIOUS. I have to say this out loud, really? There is a whole campaign dedicated to fruit raping black women? Does anyone hear how ridiculous that sounds?

*sigh* I have perfect blood pressure, but it's up right now. I suppose it would have been asking too much to just make them a couple. I know that there's a lot of complex politics related to castes and colorism in India, but this is beyond.

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