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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Don't Get It

I have so many questions about this ad.

  1. Does anyone else think Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins sound gross?
  2. Aren't Wheat Thins supposed to be the "healthier" snack cracker? Baked, not fried? Doesn't adding a Buffalo Wing flavor detract from that?
  3. Why are the gerbils in little plastic bubbles on the floor? Doesn't that seem like a lot of work? Wouldn't you have to take each gerbil out of the bubble to clean the bubbles and feed the gerbils?
  4. What do gerbils in plastic bubbles have to do with snack crackers?
  5. Why is Tracy Morgan in footy pajamas?
  6. Why do they make footy pajamas for adults? It's really not a good look for grown folks.
  7. How much do you think they paid Tracy Morgan to go along with this?
  8. Do you think he secretly goes home to his tasteful condo or house, sits in his well-equipped library, and reads The Wealth of Nations, like Stringer Bell?
  9. What is that snake doing there? (I closed my eyes when I saw it. I'm phobic.)
  10. Are the gerbils in the bubbles so the snake doesn't eat them?
  11. Was anyone else legitimately curious about what Tracy Morgan would write in his memoirs?
  12. Was that a disco ball in the background?
  13. Are Wheat Thins supposed to make it cool to do all the weird things Tracy was planning, or what?
The best ads make you go "That's funny/clever/cool/original." The worst ones make you go "Weh?" This is one of the latter. Even the comments on the ad mention Tracy, the gerbils, and the snake far more than Wheat Thins (as of this writing). To be fair, I think all rodents are gross so this is clearly not the ad for me, but still. The message seems to be "Wheat Thins make you act weird." It seems like Wheat Thins are trying to give their brand a cool boost by throwing Tracy Morgan and oddness and random "edgy" flavors into the mix, but I don't know that Wheat Thins needed a cool boost. Aside from Saltines, Wheat Thins are the most basic cracker I can think of. And that's fine! They still taste pretty good! (I like Triscuits better.) This ad just makes them look like the oddball's cracker. 

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